Mezziah was a wizard and adventurer from three thousand years ago. He travelled much of the land and learned the arcane arts from the ancient ruins of The Island of The Towers.

Mezziah wrote three highly coveted books in his time, The Book of Hidden Things, Mezziah’s Chronicle and Mezziah’s Truth and Lies. Most scholars and Librarians have and will pay high amounts for copies or fragments of these books. They are said t contain great power but that the reader must beware.

Not much is known about what Mezziah looked like. The only conclusive thing is that he was a human male and a skilled swordsman before becoming a wizard. Stories sometimes depict him as a aged man, others a towering soldier clad in armor. It is likely though, that both were true at some point in his life.

No one knows how Mezziah died. Though most believe he met his end against a vampire or a great flame breathing dragon.


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