Krisora Frostfire

"The cost of freedom is incredibly high"


She has dark brown hair and stands at 5’8 and is about average weight. She has short,neat hair and inexperienced dark green eyes. She is rather thin, but not frail looking. Her expression quite often seems like she has something serious on her mind, but is still listening, trying to push it away. Her skin is quite pale from living in cold, snowy regions and is without scars, besides one thin cut just behind her left ear, barely covered by her hair. She carries a bastard sword around, on the base of the blade on one side the Initials K.F are engraved in her clans language. On the other side of the base the initials G.W are engraved in the same language. The hilt of the blade is decorated with intricate line patterns. She also carries a legendary blue elven sword like a razor teardrop and Krisora has named her blade “Riversting”

Personality(At the start)
She tries her best to look tough, but feels sorry about other people’s misfortunes.She is fairly soft and nice, but has a fierce fighting spirit. She likes to take her time doing things and enjoys resting while traveling and at inns. She enjoys small-talk and enjoys listening to legends and stories. She has trust issues with people standing too close behind her.She has mixed emotions towards many people and the facade of courage and determination sometimes cracks.


Krisora Frostfire was born under Fredrick Frostfire, the current War-chiefs son. Krisora was 19 when she met Gerald Weatherholder. Over the next year they grew closer together. He was a male, but did not take part in the hunts either, because he was a talented smith capable of forging metal weapons. He gave Krisora the best sword he had ever made as a gift and a proclamation of love with both their initials engraved into it. That day she fell in love with him.When she was 20, her father decided to give her over to the next clan leader from a nearby clan, in order to improve relations with them. He arrived and immediately went to see her. He started talking with her, but Krisora was not interested in him at all. Before he could advance Gerald pounced into the tent and stabbed him through his side with a short sword, straight through. Men rushed in and dragged Gerald away, never to be seen again. Krisora took her sword, some clothes and left. She found her way into Nevarra and found her way into the church of Avois, looking for answers to many questions. They took her in as a student and preached the ways of Avois to her. She decided to spread good around the lands, but said she needed help. The priests decided to assign her to another young woman who could perform miracles and spread the word of her god and her name was Cassandra. Krisora travelled with her for quite some time, but recently she was tragically killed in an escape with a baneful gate. She has failed her task, the growing prodigy of light was killed under her guard. She found Gerald, but he left back for his homelands, almost stunning her. She had no idea that he would just leave Perhaps Draco was right all along, but as long as a sliver of hope remains, she will painfully continue the fight for good, one way or another.

Recently Krisora met two of Cassandra’s siblings, she quickly realised that the sister was much like Cassandra and the man seemed familiar to Krisora, like she had known him or someone like him for a long time. She saw this as her second chance to complete her failed mission and hope was reborn. She grew more and more familiar with the knight, who upheld justice and seemed to see things from her view, something she had wished for. When Krisora realised he had similiar powers to her and a strong urge to follow his faith, she remembered who he reminded her of. He reminded Krisora of herself during her earlier days, the days of the shining, idealistic and fearless paladin. She realized how far down she had fallen and she was losing her way, she decided following his example could bring her back, things looked good for the first time in a long time.

That was until Draco killed her paladin comrade, who stood without fear and battled with honor to the death, while Krisora and several of her friends escaped. Krisora is haunted by his death, the fact that the only other person in the world like her and who understood her, instead of calling her a savage, an outcast or a corrupted, insane individual, was dead and it was probably her fault for running, has had long lasting effects. Honor and bravery have caused too much pain to uphold, when the one true goal is winning, it has become clear to Krisora that an “any means necessary” attitude is required. Her fallen comrade taught her that determination and strength only go so far and in order to win she has to be prepared to get her hands dirty and covered in blood.

Krisora Frostfire

Low Magic Swordninja